Fair Wear Foundation

Since 2015 we have been a member of Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). All factories we work with must meet strict requirements concerning fair labor conditions. FWF helps us check the factories, map their findings and implement improvements.

Duurzaamheid King LouieDuurzaamheid King Louie
Fair Wear Foundation

FWF is an independent non-profit organization focusing on improvement of labor conditions in the clothing industry. Currently, over 50 people are working for FWF and they work together with over 190 European clothing brands.

Practical steps are required to change the clothing branch. FWF takes the following steps to achieve this:

  • Brand Performance Checks: to what extent do brands meet the rules imposed by FWF.
  • Factory audits: to what extent do factories meet Fair Wear’s labor standards.
  • Training in factories for both management and other employees.
  • Helplines for complaints of factory employees.
89% of our manufacturers have been audited

These are the labor conditions maintained by Fair Wear Foundation:

  • Free choice of work
  • No discrimination on the labor market
  • No child labor
  • Freedom of assembly and the right to collective negotiations
  • Fair wages
  • Reasonable work hours
  • Safe labor conditions
  • Legally binding employment contracts


FWF sees to it that no malpractices are found at our factories and so far, 89% of our manufacturers have been audited. An audit (checking moment) is held annually and is a snapshot that reveals improvement areas in fields including health, safe labor conditions and working overtime. As a clothing brand we work on these improvement areas together with the manufacturers. This way, we continue implementing gradual improvements in the field of labor conditions.

Quote FWFQuote FWF
Brand Performance Check & Social Report


FWF annually makes independent checks of the steps taken and reports on this in the 'Brand Performance Check' and the ‘Social Report’. These reports can be reviewed below.

Brand Performance Check 2019 >
Social Report 2018 >

Social Report 2017 >

The Fair Wear formula

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