Fair working conditions

Equal rights for everyone

We believe that it’s important that our products are made under fair working conditions. Everyone working in the clothing industry should have a safe work environment and receive a living wage. We do our best to make this a reality with our Living Wage projects, and by working together with Fair Wear Foundation.

Fair Wear Foundation 


Since 2015, we are affiliated with Fair Wear Foundation. This is an independent non-profit organization focused on improving working conditions in the clothing industry. They fight against child labor, for a living wage and for a safe and healthy work environment, to new some examples.

Practical steps are required to change the clothing industry. Fair Wear Foundation operates in the following way: 
- They test to what extent brands comply with the rules of the Fair Wear Foundation (Brand Performance Checks). 
- They test to what extent factories meet Fair Wear's labor standards (Factory audits). 
- They organize training in factories, for management as well as the other employees. 
- They establish helplines for factory employees with complaints.


The annual audit (inspection moment) shows improvement areas. We work on those together with our manufacturers. This way, we actively work on improvements. 90% of our factories are continuously and thoroughly audited.

Brand Performance Check & Social Report

Every year, Fair Wear Foundation carries out independent inspections at our factories to check the steps we are taking, and files a report in the 'Brand Performance Check' and the 'Social Report'. These reports are available below.


Brand Performance Check 2022
Social Report 2022

Brand Performance Check 2021
Social Report 2021

Brand Performance Check 2020
Social Report 2020

Interview: FWF x King Louie

In 2021, there was an interview between King Louie's CSR Manager Laura and sustainable fashion influencer Sara Dubbeldam on behalf of Fair Wear Foundation.

The result is an extensive and honest interview, in which Laura talks about King Louie's sustainable goals and the challenges that the company has to overcome.

Living wage


In 2022, we’ll be launching our first living wage projects. A living wage is defined as a wage that guarantees a proper standard of living. This includes elements like food, water, housing, education, healthcare, transportation, clothing and savings for unforeseen events. A living wage is higher than the legal minimum wage for factory employees. This difference is the reason for the so-called pay gap.

Living wage is a challenging subject for the clothing industry. The will to pay better wages is there, but there are a lot of obstacles. Such as political systems, cultural differences, corrupt entrepreneurs and unprotected workers. Still, we are eager to take on the challenge and we will be launching the first of our living wage projects in Turkey in 2022, in collaboration with other brands that are also affiliated with Fair Wear Foundation. We have been working together with our Turkish manufacturers for years, so we know what goes on at their companies. This makes it easier to help the living wage project run smoothly.

We will bring the lessons we learn with us to China, where we will launch living wage projects in 2024.



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