What to wear to: a job interview

You should always trust your own instincts when it comes to dressing appropriately. But sometimes, it’s nice to have some guidelines. This is how you dress for a job interview, where first impressions are utmost important.


Of course, the type of job you are applying for says a lot about what kind of outfit is suitable for your interview. A corporate function requires professional formal clothing, whereas a creative job often asks for a looser and more fashionable style.

Still, you should always do some research about your dream workplace. For example, check LinkedIn employee accounts, the website or, if you really want the job, cycle along the office during a lunch break to see if people are dressed in a more casual way, or more formal.


You can also get a lot of information from the tone of voice of the job description: a somewhat looser writing style often means that workwear can be more casual.


Is the office uniform sneakers-with-jeans, but are you afraid it might be too casual for your interview? Find a style that’s more in the middle. Combine a nice sweater with a blouse with print, for example. Or wear sneakers with wide trousers.


For some positions it is important to show your creative side, for example in jobs in the media or in fashion. Look for that creativity in playful statements: a jumpsuit with high heels, for example. Or a nice suit in a striking color. Trousers in a striking print, combined with a simple top and a matching jacket can also work very well.


On the practical side: job interviews can be stressful so there’s a good chance you’ll sweat a little bit. It’s best to avoid synthetic fabrics and preferably opt for a looser top.


Probably stating the obvious, but still: make sure your outfit is freshly washed and ironed before putting it on for the big day. It looks nicer, and makes you feel more confident.


One of the most important things in a job interview is to be yourself. Do not suddenly go for the highest possible heels if you do not feel comfortable in them at all. Even the American Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour emphasized this in her video series "Go Ask Anna": ‘Sometimes you feel they’re wearing clothes that they just bought that morning or maybe the night before, and not something that in any way suits their personality and who they are.’ Instead, your clothes should show how you see yourself, says the fashion guru. ‘Your wardrobe is not going to be doing the job for you, it’s who you are.’

What to wear to: a job interview
  1. Ann Pants Rodeo Check
    Ann Pants Rodeo Check

    • Pantalon tot boven de enkel
    • Rechte pijpen
    • Ritssluiting met knoop
    • Geweven
    • Stretchstof
    • Ruitendessin

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  2. Daisy Blazer Rodeo Check
    Daisy Blazer Rodeo Check

    • Getailleerde blazer
    • Lange mouwen
    • Reverskraag
    • Knoopsluiting
    • Klepzakken
    • Manchetten met knopen
    • Geweven
    • Stretchstof
    • Ruitjesprint op groen

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  3. Rosie Ruffle Blouse Ecosse
    Rosie Ruffle Blouse Ecosse
    • Blouse met ruches
    • Peter Pankraag
    • Knoopsluiting
    • Geweven
    • Non-stretch
    • Ruitendessin
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  4. Doris Jumpsuit Woven Crepe
    Doris Jumpsuit Woven Crepe

    Deze jumpsuit heeft een klassiek silhouet met reverskraag, korte omgeslagen kapmouwen en wijde korter vallende pijpen. De overslagtop sluit voor met verborgen knoopjes en in de zijnaad zit een rits. Blijft mooi in vorm door de iets dikkere kwaliteit crêpestof.

    • 7/8 wijde pijpen
    • Overslagtop met reverskraag
    • Korte kapmouwen met omslag
    • Blinde rits in de zijnaad
    • Zakken in de zijnaad
    • Strikceintuur in dezelfde stof.
    • Iets dikkere crêpestof van comfort stretch kwaliteit

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