What to wear to... ...a first date

There’s no second chance to make a first impression, that’s why we always get so fussed about a first date. And it actually doesn’t have to be that hard.

First date outfitsFirst date outfits
Choose from your own wardrobe

We get that it might be tempting to buy some new clothes for this occasion, but it may be better to just choose something from your own wardrobe. It’s the same idea as with an interview for a new job: show him or her who you are. And what better way to do that, than to wear clothes that really suit you and make you feel comfortable.

first date outfitsfirst date outfits
first date outfitsfirst date outfits

But of course you can still show them the best version of yourself! Think carefully and pick the outfit that people often compliment. This way, you are guaranteed to feel well and look well.

And pick a color that always looks good on you, for example the same blue as your eyes. Don’t underestimate the way this affects your appearance.

first date outfitsfirst date outfits
A little extra

Dress the way you feel, maybe with a little extra. If you’re in a feminine mood, you’ll undoubtedly feel good in a beautiful dress - or in flared high-waist jeans with a loose-fitting shirt; if you’re feeling a little more loose and festive you should go for a jumpsuit. Don’t want too much fuss and rather keep it casual? Then wear a shirt with nice details, like a print, some buttons in striking colors or a waist belt – combined with your favorite jeans.

Feel comfortable

Does it pinch anywhere, does it not match properly, is it too tight? Don’t wear it. The other person probably won’t even see it, but you will be fussing with that shirt during the entire date, or curse those shoes internally. While you should be using the time to look at and listen to the person you’re dating.

Outfits for your first date:
  1. Wrap Dress Odyssey
    Wrap Dress Odyssey

    • Wikkeljurk
    • Korte lengte
    • Korte mouwen met boordjes
    • Strikceintuur
    • Geweven
    • Non-stretch
    • Bloemenprint

    Learn More
  2. Ava Straight Pants Pablo
    Ava Straight Pants Pablo

    • Mid waist broek
    • Losse fit
    • Rechte pijpen
    • Sluit met rits en knopen
    • Schuine zakken
    • Paspelzakje achter
    • Strikceintuur in dezelfde stof
    • Geweven crêpestof
    • Non-stretch

    Learn More
  3. Rosie Blouse Carioca
    Rosie Blouse Carioca

    • Blouse met kraag
    • Doorknoopsluiting
    • Manchetten met knopen
    • Geweven
    • Non-stretch
    • Bloemenprint

    Learn More
  4. Lot Cropped Jumpsuit Tahiti
    Lot Cropped Jumpsuit Tahiti

    • Jumpsuit met overslag
    • Kapmouwen
    • Vast strikceintuur
    • Wijde, cropped pijpen
    • Jersey
    • Stretchstof
    • Tropische print

    Learn More
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