5 Tips for a travel diary

Traveling and vacations are an ideal way to unwind, gain new impressions or take the time to reflect.


In this article we give you five tips to help you start up a travel diary - and for that you really don’t have to travel far, far, away, there is also plenty to experience at the campsite around the corner.

Tip 1: Use your diary to plan your trip

You don’t have to wait to use your diary until the day of departure. You can also record the anticipation and preparation for your trip in the diary. On the first page you can create a bucket list of destinations that you would like to go to. Keep some space in the front of your diary for page numbers, if necessary, to refer to the relevant travel reports as soon as you have been there. You can also document things like a packing list, flight numbers and addresses of booked hotels or airbnb’s and have them conveniently arranged.

Tip 2: Write about your expectations

You often already have ideas and expectations about the destination, or the journey you are going to make. Use one or two pages to write them all down and leave the following pages blank. At the end of your journey, plan a moment to read through these expectations again and see to what extent your assumptions were correct or if things went very differently.

How to write a travel diary
Tip 3: Collect, cut and paste

Collect vouchers, train tickets, labels of soda bottles, dried flowers and put them between the pages during your trip. If you have time during your trip or afterwards, you can use them to make beautiful, colorful collages.

Tip 4: Write during your journey

You don’t have to write a novel worth of stories every day, just dot down a few sentences about what you have seen and experienced or what you thought of in that moment. Find it difficult to get inspired? We have collected 15 questions for you that you can reflect on during your trip. You can perhaps put them at the top of the pages prior to your trip and decide which ones you answer every day.


1. What was the tastiest thing you ate today, what was it, how did it taste, what did it look like. Where did you eat it, with whom and who served it to you?


2. Where did you wake up this morning and where are you sleeping tonight?


3. What was the nicest thing you experienced today and what made it so fun / special?


4. Describe someone you have come across today. Why did this person impress you?


5. Could you ever live in the place where you are now? Why / why not?


6. Did you buy a souvenir and if so what is it, whom is it for and where did you buy it? (insert a photo here)


7. What’s the best thing you smelled today? What was it, what did it smell like? Was it a new scent or have you smelled it before and if so what did it remind you of?


8. What did you spent today? Put all the costs in a row, how much and on what, and attach the receipts here.


9. What was your favorite photo that you took today? What makes this photo so special? You can paste the photo here later.


10. What did you wear today? Was it the right choice or did you feel something was off? Are you missing something in your suitcase or do you have everything with you? Make a flatlay of your outfit or a photo of yourself wearing your look and stick it here later.


11. Which one of your family or friends would have enjoyed this vacation as much as you do? or whom would you recommend to go here and / or participate in a particular activity and why?


12. What did you learn or discover today?


13. What distance did you cover today? Where did you travel to? and with which means of transport was that? How did you experience the journey?


14. Which (wild) animals & plants can be found where you are now and which ones have you already spotted?


15. When did you laugh the loudest or have the most fun and why?

How to write a travel diary
Tip 5: Look back and look forward

You write about your expectations prior to your trip, try to also write a report afterwards. A week after returning home, everything has sunk in and you often have a different perspective than before or during the holiday itself.

Use this moment to directly look ahead to the next trip and list some ideas or places that you would like to go to on your next adventure.

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