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Sustainable Shopping Guide Antwerp

In addition to making sustainable choices as a company, we also strive to inspire our customer as much as possible to consume responsibly. Let us take you to the fashion city of Antwerp. Here we’ll show you the best sustainable and vintage hotspots. Are you coming?


It's a beautiful day somewhere in early June, the sun is shining and summer is in the air. We always get a holiday feeling when we’re in Antwerp. The people are nice, the terraces are full and you always come across the most beautiful shops.

And that's exactly what we're looking for. Beautiful, but above all sustainable stores. To kick off our trip, we met our Belgian friends from COSH! They can tell us everything about the sustainable gems of Antwerp. They have developed a platform where you can see exactly where the best sustainable and second-hand places are located in every city, just with one simple click. Now that’s sustainable shopping made easy!

Sustainable Concept Stores

Curated by Edo
We start our trip at Curated by Edo. This is a concept store in the heart of Antwerp with local brands that have a story to tell. You will only find brands from Belgium (many from Antwerp) and the Netherlands here. Edo selects and curates sustainable and mainly local labels with a slow mindset. Edo understands a slow mindset, among other things, as; the use of residual materials, recycled materials, limited editions, local production, handmade, natural raw materials and timelessness.

MOOSE in the CITY is an experience store in Antwerp. Here you can go for Fashion & design, with Scandinavia as inspiration. You will mainly find 'conscious' brands here that use a short supply chain in order to keep the carbon footprint as small as possible. In addition, they stand for a living wage within the entire chain and they opt for products that are made with sustainable raw materials. They also deliver packages by bicycle.

You will find this gem of a store in the Kloosterstraat. Supergoods is a store that only sells 100% ecological brands. They stand for fairness and complete transparency of the brands. Brands must therefore meet certain conditions to be part of their product range. For example, the entire product must consist of organic or recycled materials, and the production process and working conditions must be certified or manufactured in Europe. They also have a loyalty program where you can save points that you can then donate to a good cause. They also use reusable packaging from Repack.

Second-hand shopping

In addition to sustainable concept stores, Antwerp is also full of second-hand clothing stores. And when you think of vintage, we think of King Louie. Our designers are always inspired during the design process by the silhouettes and details of beautiful vintage items. And besides that we just really like those beautiful details. With our focus on vintage, we try to maximize the timelessness and thus the lifespan of an item. 

Here are some of our favorite must-see vintage stores in Antwerp. 

Melting Pot Kilo
Here you can buy clothes per kilo. This means that your selected items will be weighed at checkout. So you pay per weight and not per item.

An all-time favorite for us. The product range at Episode is very large and you will find a store in almost every major city, including Amsterdam. The collection here mainly consists of items from the 1970s and 1980s.

Riot Antwerp
This thrift store is known for always having quality and characterful, slightly quirky out-of-the-ordinary items on the shelves. And that fits exactly with our identity. You also pay per kilo here.

The Kloosterstraat

At the end of our trip we walk into the well-known Kloosterstraat. This street is known for its wide range of sustainable boutiques, antique shops, designer shops, record stores and second-hand shops. Highly recommended during your visit to Antwerp.

We visit our colleagues from Seventy One. This is a retro boutique that also sells King Louie. Sustainability is very important for Seventy One. For example, they have developed their own circular model to collect and reuse used retro clothing. Definitely worth a visit!


Vintage Vinyl

If it's up to us, browsing through old records is also part of a shopping day. At Grey Vinyl Treasure you will find the most beautiful, craziest and most original vinyl from all over the world. At Chelsea Records in the Kloosterstraat you will find the largest selection of Vinyl and CDs in Belgium. They sell 50,000 different records and 60,000 CDs here.


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