Summer Collection 2020 Fiesta de Flores

A Spanish summer's evening with countless flowers in balmy colors: Fiesta de Flores. That’s the theme of our new 2020 summer collection.

King Louie Fiesta de Flores Summer Collection 2020King Louie Fiesta de Flores Summer Collection 2020
Theme King Louie 2020 summer collection

A Spanish summer's evening with countless flowers in balmy colors: Fiesta de Flores, that's the theme of the King Louie 2020 summer collection. Are you familiar with the Bougainvillea? It's a tropical plant that grows against facades all around the Mediterranean. Such striking colors: fuchsia, purple, red, and some yellow and orange accents here and there.

We agree with the Bougainville

King Louie is all about summer and we also love a sheltered and sunny spot in the sun. That's why the flowers in our summer collection really stand out. Large and small, classical and tropical. Take the large Carioca print, one of our favorites for this summer. Arancino is another eye-catcher, with coral and petrol flowers against a black background. From Costa Brava to Costa del Sol: the best dresses for strolling around naturally include flowery and cheerful prints, like the blue-purple Gladioli, the yellow Lavish, and the pink and yellow Rosabelle against a black background.

Fiesta de Flores King Louie Summer 2020Fiesta de Flores King Louie Summer 2020
Also typical Spanish: fine embroidery

The white Daisy Blouse has tiny yellow, purple and red flowers. The basic material of the Grappa is white organic cotton, with embroidered flowers and a typical vintage red piping as the finishing touch. So sweet. Verona, on the other hand, has a black background, spicing things up a little bit: Olé!

When it comes to colors, everything blooms in this collection

Amuse is an abstract, botanical print in purple and lilac against a cool brown background. Or do you prefer something cuter? Then the Coulisse will be perfect: white and pink flowers against a lilac background. The silk fabric makes it even more refined. Sweetpea is adorable: poppies on a soft green background.

Would you like something hotter? Bahama has detailed flowers, mainly purple combined with green and reddish pink. Tahiti will also do great in tropical temperatures. Copacobana and Colado: need we say more? Has summer arrived?

Fiesta de Flores King Louie Summer 2020Fiesta de Flores King Louie Summer 2020
It is not just literally a Fiesta de Flores

We translated the flower fest into an intense palette of colors mixed with softer shades. You will really make a statement with S-fuchsia, Very Green and Dazzling Blue. From head to toe in fuchsia pink, or color-block your outfit. Bright pink with clear blue and green, like a summer cocktail. Chili Red, Vivid Purple and Mimosa Yellow are wonderfully sunny. You will find them as unicolors in the basics, as a dress, cardigan or skirt. These colors are also used in the prints, making them easy to combine. Slightly ‘aged’ shades such as Spar Green and Dusty Rose offer a sweet touch.


When it comes to your silhouette, we like to accentuate the waistline. That is why many of our dresses have an elastic waist or tie belt. The pants and skirts are also high-waisted, and we always make our tops slightly longer so you can tuck them comfortably into your pants or skirt. Do you want to accentuate your waist even more? Then pick out a bright-colored belt as an accessory. You’ll be spoilt for choice this summer: from braided leather to metallic eye-catchers.

The Love Boat Print King LouieThe Love Boat Print King Louie
The love boat...

The King Louie summer collections always include a maritime theme. We have had Breton stripes in our collections since 1987. This print was inspired by the traditional sailor's sweater. The original is cream with a blue stripe. This summer, we use Very Green and Blue, made with organic cotton. Mariniere also has a classical look, in dark blue with small white anchors. And the Love Boat print is maritime with a twist: blue sailing boats on a cream background.

Dots and checks

Permanent elements in the King Louie collection: polka dots and dots. Pablo is a medium-sized dot in two color combinations: Black on Apple Green or White on Apple Pink. As the name says, Little Dots is a small white dot on a Chili Red background. This fabric is made of EcoVero, the sustainable version of viscose.

And let's not forget checks. The Legend is a Vichy checkered print in Island Green and Black. Verveine is a very refined print. And you'll make a real statement with the Scottish tartan in King Louie colors: Sinclair in fresh Bay Blue or Spicy Orange.

Some of the dots and checks are also available as headbands: they surely brighten up every outfit.

Shop Fiesta de Flores:
  1. Cecil Dress Bahama
    Cecil Dress Bahama

    • Overslagjurk
    • Korte mouwen
    • Tailleband met strikceintuur
    • Plooitjes op de schouders
    • Uitlopende rok
    • Stretchstof
    • Jersey
    • Bloemenprint

    Learn More
  2. Shiloh Dress Carioca
    Shiloh Dress Carioca

    • Midi jurk
    • Korte licht gepofte mouwen
    • V-hals
    • Wijd uitlopende rok
    • Tailleband
    • Strikceintuur
    • Cut-out op de rug
    • Strikdetail in de nek
    • Geweven crêpe
    • Non-stretchBloemenprint

    Learn More
  3. Teddy Dress Belize
    Teddy Dress Belize

    • Aansluitende jurk
    • Korte mouwen
    • V-hals met overslagdetail
    • Vaste tailleband
    • Steekzakken
    • Licht uitlopende rok
    • Sweat jersey
    • Stretchstof
    • Bloemenprint

    Learn More
  4. Mandy Wrap Dress Valley
    Mandy Wrap Dress Valley

    • Overslagjurk
    • Korte mouwen
    • Plooitjes vanuit de schouderpas
    • Strikceintuur
    • Afgeronde voorpanden
    • Jersey
    • Stretchstof
    • Bloemenprint

    Learn More
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