Mixing prints and colors

We love to mix and match anything and everything. And that may well be a mix of prints. We like stripes on flowers. And checks and dots also go together. The contrast makes your outfit exciting. Not sure how? Read our tips here.

1. Outfits in one color

Are you going for one color? Then vary in the materials you use. A sturdy, stiff fabric looks even better next to a soft jersey or knit. Structured fabrics empower your outfit.


2. Inspiring combinations

We love to make daring combinations for our photo shoots. Check out this winter's shoot and copy an outfit you like. Just give it a try.


3. Combine your print

This always works: Choose one item with a print, for example your dress. Your accessories, from cardigan to headband, are uni colored and based on colors from the print. Do not choose the main color from the print, but a color you can find in the smaller details. This will give your outfit a boost.


4. Mix & Match

Dare to bold and combine different styles. Classic with cool or romantic with nautical. Maybe you have a suit or set that you always wear together. Then replace that matching skirt with jeans. Or wear the jacket over a T-shirt.


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