Behind the scenes

It starts with a moodboard

Every collection starts with a moodboard. How do we put one together and where do we get our inspiration from? This is how we did it for the winter collection 'English Rose'.

Designers Gael and Asha and the rest of the team first start collecting inspiration. Everything that makes them happy is pinned to a Pinterest Board. This can be a beautiful photo shoot, an over the top editorial, use of color or special styling. This collection keeps growing and they continue to add inspiration.


The Design team gets a lot of inspiration from vintage. The department houses many old fashion magazines such as Vogue and L'Officiel from the 1960s. A few times a year they go vintage shopping and favorite finds are added to the vintage collection at the office. This is an archive full of special vintage items: kimonos, jackets, dresses, blouses - it is a real treasure trove for the vintage enthusiast.

Gradually a certain feeling arises within this collection that is further explored. This season the team saw a lot of checks, tweed and traditional knits. But also red flowers. The further development is done on a real pin board.

You can find a combination of real fabrics, vintage photography and interior inspiration on the mood board. Inspiring color combinations, and types of prints and fabrics that define this collection become more clear. Together they reflect the rich feeling you can find in this collection: the theme 'English Rose' is born.

After the moodboard

When the moodboard is finished, Gael and Asha start by determining the prints, which are the starting point of every collection. And of course what King Louie is known for. The colors of the new classics are chosen from the prints (these are the returning groups such as Cocoon, Droplet etc). Certain colors go well with many different prints, and so the collection gradually comes together as a whole.


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