Havana Nights

Inspirational Fashion Trends

This summer collection is inspired by Cuba's capital Havana and the 1950s. Think of colorful streets, lively people and sultry summer evenings. But also masculine silhouettes, feminine flowers and wide swing skirts. These trends are reflected in our collection in the following ways.

The male silhouette

Coco Chanel introduced masculine styles into her collections in the 1950s because she strongly believed in them. Style icons such as Katharine Hepburn (who was known as a symbol of women's emancipation) contributed to the popularity of the masculine silhouette among women. In this way, 'menswear' slowly gained a place in women's wardrobes. This modern 50s vibe is clearly visible in our collection. This is reflected, for example, in the 'oversized' Pin Stripe suit and the 'grandpa slacks' Celia Pants.

Swing skirts

A 50s trend that you cannot ignore is the Swing Skirt. This is a knee-length pleated skirt that - the name says it all - dances when you move in it. Here too you will find both feminine flowers and iconic gentlemen's stripes and checks.

Tropical color bursts

While this summer collection is mostly subdued and muted, there are some bursts of color that typify Havana's tropical and colorful character. Think tropical yellow, azure blue and bright red and green. We can already see ourselves walking through the streets of Havana!

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