Autumn/Winter 22

Inspirational Fashion Trends

This season we were inspired by the glitz and glamour of the Big Apple in the 70s. Funky street styles by day that transform into glamorous looks in the evening. Discover which trends and influences you see in our winter collection.

Bold Prints & Seventies Vibes

1970s fashion was all about individuality. All fashion rules were thrown overboard: it was time to be yourself, no matter how crazy you wanted to go. Pronounced colors, daring prints and comfortable clothing determined the street scene. These elements are found in our new collection as many zigzag patterns, flared trousers, and prints in typical seventies patterns and colors such as brown, green and orange. Groovy!

Studio 54

Studio 54, the world-famous nightclub that opened its doors in New York in the late 1970s, was a treasure trove of celebrities and the most glamorous fashion. Well-known actors, singers and fashion icons were often seen in this club: Liza Minelli, Diane von Fürstenberg, Cher and Grace Jones were spotted regularly. The glamorous looks of this sensational club are characterized by glitter, velvet, gold and luxurious leopard styles.

The Ultimate Layered Look

Quirky, creative and being yourself. We just love that. Create the ultimate mix of colors, prints, patterns and fabrics. Nothing is too crazy for us, and hopefully the same applies for you! One of those perfect items for layering is the spencer. Have you spotted them already in our winter collection?  

Statement Suits & Co-ords

Another trend that has never really disappeared is suits and coordinated sets. But still we've been seeing a revival of the matching set over the past few years. And we have to say, we’re big fans. You can create a powerful, stylish look with ease. Suits are very suitable for many different occasions. Like a work event, night out, or other festive occasion. So suit up and dress to impress!

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