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English Fashion Trends

The winter collection 'English Rose' contains many influences from traditional English fashion. Discover how these typically English trends have inspired our collection and how you can use them to create the most fantastic looks.


There's no doubt that tweed should be on this list. The fabric takes its name from the Scottish River Tweed, where the fabric was first produced. Tweed is made of wool where the yarns are woven together very tightly. This makes the fabric resistant to wind and rain, and very warm. Very useful if you live in the British countryside, where it can get wet and cold! Our Herringbone print is an example of vintage fashion with a King Louie twist: no traditional blazer but a short jacket that you can mix with classic trousers or culottes. A contemporary take on the classic tweed look! 


The trench coat

In England you should always be prepared for bad weather, after all it rains a lot there! For the English, a good trench coat is an essential wardrobe item. The invention of the trench coat was claimed around 1850 by the British fashion brand Burberry (among others), who wanted to make functional clothing for the army. But the item's popularity was inevitable. The trench coat is characterized by the double button closure, lapel collar, raglan sleeves and tie belt, influences that you can see in our Zappa Check, Lemaire Check and Jubilee Check coats. Discover our coat collection for even more trench coat influences.


Argyle knits


We all know checks and diamond patterns. But how about the argyle pattern? Those are diamond-shaped checks with a diamond-shaped line pattern over it. You’ll recognize it immediately when you see it. This pattern also has its origin in Scotland: the Argyll region. The argyle check is often found on knits: think of spencers, sweaters and socks, and has a somewhat preppy image. But this totally depends on how you wear it. For example, wear our long Argyle cardigan with jeans and sneakers - casual with a classic twist!


And last but not least: layers!


Layers are the perfect way to stay warm, stylish and show your personal style. One of our stylists always says: "An outfit is only really successful with at least 3 pieces of clothing". With layers you can create a nice eclectic mix of patterns, something the English are also very good at. And these layers should be seen! This way you can mix flowers, checks and glitter very well together. Certain silhouettes also mix particularly well with each other: such as a turtleneck or tie blouse under a blazer or jacket. Or a blouse under a dress or sweater, so that you see the collar. A striking brooch immediately turns your outfit into a successful look. Try to make these kinds of combinations at home with your own clothes, and have a look around our collection for more inspiration.



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