How to organize your own clothing swap

Everyone probably recognizes the problem of a fully stuffed wardrobe and yet nothing to wear. A clothing swap (party!) could be the ideal way to refresh your wardrobe. This how you organize a successful clothing swap.

Have you never been to a clothing swap? Time to organize one yourself! Although the principle of a clothing swap is very simple, we have listed some basic rules for you to get started. After all, you want to make it a success!

1. What kind of clothes are you going to swap?

Think of men's, women's or children's clothing, clothing in a certain size and whether you want to exchange accessories. Define what you want and make sure to clearly state this in the invitation. Indicate a minimum or maximum number of items to enter. Also think about quality.

2. How to swap

Think about how you want to swap. There are several ways to go about it, depending on the size of the group. Some examples of how you can do it:

Small groups

All garments are checked one by one and tried on by everyone who is interested. Together you decide who gets the item. You could even set up some sort of lottery system to determine who gets an item when multiple people are interested. Make sure you divide the items fairly.

Large groups

All clothes are hung/laid down, everyone can choose what he/she likes. If needed you can work with stickers or tokens: with stickers you can let everyone indicate what they are interested in, with tokens you can determine how many pieces someone can take with them based on what he / she has brought.

3. What do you need?

Choose a place where there is enough space for all the clothes and for fitting. Set up some mirrors, tables, or clothing racks. Is your event public and with a lot of strangers? Consider setting up fitting rooms. Also think of stickers or tokens.

4. Leftover Clothes

Are there items that haven’t found new owners? Donate them to a local charity. Check what options there are in your surroundings.


Encourage everyone to share a photo if he or she is wearing a traded item. It's great to see that your clothes ended up with someone who loves it! You can do this, for example, in a WhatsApp group or Facebook event.

Swapping for the advanced

If you have organized or attended many clothes swaps before, you can also consider organizing one yourself with a special theme. For example, only with vintage clothes, seasonal clothes, party clothes or maybe even one with only King Louie clothes!

Have fun and remember:

One man's trash is another man's treasure!


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