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How do you create a capsule collection?

We love vintage and unique items. While having a closet full of treasures can feel amazing, it’s easy to lose track of what you own. An overflowing closet, yet nothing to wear – does this sound familiar? It may feel strange, but it’s true: less clothes can be the solution. Introducing: a capsule collection!

What’s a capsule wardrobe?

The term originates from the seventies. The British Susie Faux came up with a selection of essential items that you can wear and combine again every season. After years of fast fashion and overconsumption, more and more consumers wanted a minimalist closet. This was often out of a desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle, or to simply feel more at peace when it came to owning clothes. Today, a capsule wardrobe entails a personal selection of about 30 to 35 items that can be mixed and matched and will last for several years.

How do you create a capsule wardrobe?


1. Mindset is everything 

Close your eyes and imagine what your capsule wardrobe would look like: a neat, uncluttered closet filled with only your favorites. Maybe you think it’s important to be sustainable with clothing. Or perhaps you’re moving into a tiny house and simply need to declutter your life. Find out what your goal is – it’ll help you in making a good selection.


2. What do you want to get out of your capsule wardrobe?

A black blazer, white blouse and a pair of jeans – these are the items that are often considered to be wardrobe staples. But what if you never wear jeans? Unfortunately, there is no standard list that works for everyone. Do you love dresses, but do you ride your bike a lot? In that case, dresses with some stretch probably work better for you than tight pencil skirts. Discover what kind of clothes you like to wear and why. Also look at which clothes you end up never wearing – you don’t have to buy those anymore.


3. Discover your own style

We often look at others too much when we buy new clothes. That jumpsuit may look gorgeous, but maybe it’s just not for you. Create a mood board or look for inspiration on Pinterest. A good question to ask yourself is whether you would’ve liked an item 5 years ago as well. You’ve naturally refined your taste over the years, but your own style doesn’t change every season.


4. Mix & match

Practice combining your clothes. Take an afternoon off and go through your closet. Try to come up with 5 different outfits per item. Avoid keeping loose items in your closet that don’t go well with anything. Choosing a color palette can help: opting for 4 to 7 colors often works well. Not sure how to start? Find the help of a color analyst. An extra advantage is that all colors within a color type can also be combined. You can’t go wrong!


5. Get cleaning!

After all the preliminary work, you can finally start putting together your personal capsule wardrobe. Start with your 5 favorite items. Then find out which items you’re missing to make different combinations. Good basics and cardigans are often very useful and make outfits suitable for every season. Choose a maximum of 35 items. If you keep more, you’ll lose the overview of a capsule wardrobe. Of course, you don’t have to throw the rest out – just store it somewhere out of sight. Enjoy your capsule wardrobe!

Here’s how

This is an example of a capsule wardrobe, created using King Louie items from the current winter collection. The color palette consists of warm colors: suitable for both fall and winter types. This means that all items can be easily combined. The jacket and pants with the same floral print can be worn as a suit, but they can also be worn separately. The same goes for the red and orange skirt and floral top: worn together it looks like a dress, but they also work well separately.


Items from this capsule collection:


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