Body Types

Every woman is of course unique and beautiful. Although everyone gives their own twist on fashion and style, we can divide most people into five overarching figure groups. Using these figure types, we'll give some tips and tricks related to the King Louie collection and how to emphasize the strengths of the accompanying body types.

Body typesBody types

Bodytype ABodytype A
Body type A: the Anne

Women with this body type have relatively wider hips than their shoulders. The hips and thighs are on the broad side compared to the shoulders. Other characteristics of the Anne type are round buttocks, slender legs, a flat stomach, a visible waist and average size breasts.

Fashion tips for the A-line

  • Emphasize the upper half of your body.
  • Wear tight outer clothing
  • Accentuate your waist and possibly reinforce it with a belt
  • Wear short jackets (just above the hips)
  • Keep the undergarments a bit more sober and simpler
  • Wear pants and skirts with a high waist
  • Wear pants with stretch

What should you pay attention to:

  • Hip pants are not that flattering
  • Try to avoid jackets with pockets on the hips
  •  Do not wear pants with pleats or pockets
  • It is better to avoid cropped or culotte pants
Products for bodytype A
  1. Betty-Dress-Harajuku
    Betty Dress Harajuku
    As low as €99.95

    • Wijd uitlopende jurk
    • Ronde hals
    • Driekwart mouwen
    • Strikceintuur
    • Keyhole knoopsluiting
    • Stretchstof
    • Jersey
    • Bloemenprint

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  2. Cleo-Padded-Jacket-Lilo-Quilted
    Cleo Padded Jacket Lilo Quilted
    As low as €129.95
    • Baseball jack
    • Gewatteerd
    • Drukknoopsluiting
    • Steekzakken
    • Ribboorden
    • Jersey jacquard
    • Stretchstof
    • Ruitenprint
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  3. Ava-Pants-Tuillerie
    Ava Pants Tuillerie
    As low as €89.95

    • Mid waist broek
    • Losse fit
    • Culotte pijpen
    • Sluit met rits en knopen
    • Schuine zakken
    • Paspelzakje achter
    • Strikceintuur in dezelfde stof

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Body type X: the Xena

A female body resembling a Xena has an hourglass shape with symmetrical shoulders and hips. In addition, a clear waist is visible and most ladies with this body have large(r) breasts

Fashion tips for the Xena type

  • Create smooth round silhouettes
  • Focus on the waist
  • Wear fitted clothing
  • Wrap tops and wrap dresses look great with this figure type
  • Bootcut, flared, and tapered pants are the best choices
  • Wear blazers (with the buttons) closed  and put the accent on the waist

What should you pay attention to:

  • Avoid clothing with a straight fit
Products for bodytype X
  1. Lia-Jacket-Corduroy
    Lia Jacket Corduroy

    • Jasje met strikceintuur
    • Lange mouwen
    • Kraag
    • Knoopsluiting
    • Steekzakken
    • Geweven jacquard
    • Comfort stretch
    • Corduroy

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  2. Mona-Dress-Deuce
    Mona Dress Deuce
    As low as €99.95

    • Aangesloten jurk
    • Licht gepofte driekwart mouwen
    • Ronde hals met plooien
    • Tailleband
    • Steekzakken
    • Dikkere jersey jacquard
    • Comfort stretch
    • Grafische print

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  3. Harper-Skirt-Cornel-Check
    Harper Skirt Cornel Check
    As low as €89.95

    • A-lijn rok
    • Gevoerd
    • Plisse look
    • Geruite stof
    • Ritssluiting achter
    • Bijpassend riempje

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Body type OBody type O
Body type O: the Olivia

The Olivia figure is characterized by shoulders that are just as wide as the hips and a waist that is even wider. This figure type has a belly, a round back and often beautiful slender legs and full breasts.

Tips and tricks for the Olivia type

  • Work with different layers
  • Choose an outfit in 1 color
  • Always wear blouses and tops over instead of tucked in a garment

What should you pay attention to

  • Do not wear flared pants because they make you wider
  • Do not wear tightly fitted clothing
  • Avoid heavy fabrics
  • Do not wear high collars
Products for bodytype O
  1. Cardi-Oversize-Muse
    Cardi Oversize Muse
    As low as €99.95

    • Oversized vest
    • Lange mouwen
    • Twee zakken
    • Ribboorden
    • Fluffy knit

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  2. Zoe-Dress-Ceylon
    Zoe Dress Ceylon
    As low as €99.95

    • Tuniekjurk
    • 3/4 mouwen
    • Strikceintuur
    • Ronde hals
    • Structuurjersey
    • Stretchstof
    • Bloemenprint

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  3. Cardi-Long-Sandou
    Cardi Long Sandou
    As low as €119.95

    • Lang vest met strikceintuur
    • Lange mouwen
    • Contrastboorden
    • Jacquard knit
    • Stretchstof
    • Grafisch dessin

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Body type H: the Helen

This figure type has smooth proportions. The upper body is almost as wide as the hips. The waist is almost straight. This is a fairly sporty figure type with long and slender legs.

Tips and tricks for the Helen type:

  • Create vertical lines
  • Wear clothes with a straight fit
  • Wear vests and blazers just above the hips
  • Wear trousers without (or with flat) pleats

What should you pay attention to:

  • Do not emphasize the waist
  • Do not wear too flashy tops and sweaters
  • Do not wear puff sleeves or sleeves that are too short
Products for bodytype H
  1. Polly-Dress-Long-Tate
    Polly Dress Long Tate
    As low as €99.95

    • A-lijn jurk
    • Ronde hals
    • Keyhole knoopsluiting
    • Lichtgepofte lange mouwen
    • Taillenaad
    • Jersey jacquard
    • Stretchstofstof
    • Bloemenprint

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  2. Cardi-Long-Vallina
    Cardi Long Vallina
    As low as €119.95
    • Lang vest met strikceintuur
    • Lange mouwen
    • Contrastboorden
    • Jacquard knit
    • Stretchstof
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  3. Garbo-Pintuck-Pants-Uni-Rodeo
    Garbo Pintuck Pants Uni Rodeo
    As low as €89.95
    • Broek met rechte pijpen
    • Mid waist
    • Rits en knoopsluiting
    • Stretchstof
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Body type V: the Victoria

The upper body of this figure type is strong with a full bust and relatively broad shoulders; the hips are narrow, the buttocks are small and flat. Beautiful legs with slender thighs and an attractive cleavage are the plus points of the feminine Victoria type.

Tips and tricks:

  • Wear plain tops
  • Wear figure hugging tops
  • Wear V-necks to
  • Wear Dresses with a straight fit
  • Straight or slightly flared skirts
  • Pleated skirts
  • Pants and skirts with prints
  • Jumpsuits

What should you pay attention to:

  • Avoid flashy tops and sweaters with a striking print
  • Do not wear very loose fitted clothing
  • Do not emphasize the waist
Products for bodytype V
  1. Border-Plisse-Skirt-Soleil-Check
    Border Plisse Skirt Soleil Check
    As low as €79.95

    • Plisse rok
    • Wijd uitlopend
    • Tailleband
    • Jersey knit
    • Stretchstof

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  2. Pencil-Button-Skirt-Rodeo-Check
    Pencil Button Skirt Rodeo Check
    As low as €79.95

    • Kokerrok
    • Doorknoopsluiting aan de voorkant
    • Vaste tailleband
    • Ruitprint

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