Winter Collection 2020: Haiku

This winter we have traveled to Japan to gather inspiration. Many residents are true vintage enthusiasts, just like us.

Inspiration for the King Louie Winter Collection 2020

Despite the population of over 9 million, Tokyo feels very Serene and aesthetic. We have also reflected this feeling in our collection, of course with a King Louie twist. Think kimonos, cherry blossom and deep warm colors.

Preppy style

The contrast in style also caught our attention. For example, the uniform culture, a two-piece: trouser or skirt with a blazer in the same fabric which we like to wear with a matching blouse. In this style you will find many preppy influences. This subculture emerged at American universities in the 1950s. Sporty clothing in quality fabrics paired with smart pieces. The preppy style has great contrasts and fun details. You call this playful addition quirky. In this style you can mix and match all sorts of patterns and fabrics and we are big fans of that at King Louie.


The Haiku is also something very Japanese. It is a short poem that does not rhyme. Our western translation consists of 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. In Japan the number does not come that close and a haiku is often just one line. The poet's senses are more important, as are the themes: nature and the seasons.


We believe it is important that our products are made as sustainable and socially responsible as possible. We have been affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation since 2015. This independent organization is committed to improving working conditions in the clothing industry.

AW20: Haiku collectie
  1. Cardi Roundneck Emperor
    Cardi Roundneck Emperor

    • Gebreid vest
    • Lange mouwen
    • Knoopsluiting
    • Dunne boorden
    • Ronde hals
    • Knit
    • Stretchstof

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  2. Rosie Midi Dress Pablo
    Rosie Midi Dress Pablo

    • Doorknoopjurk
    • Wijd uitlopend
    • Lange mouwen
    • Blouse kraag
    • Manchetten met knopen
    • Breed strikceintuur
    • Geweven
    • Non-stretch
    • Stippenprint

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  3. Diner Dress Kosho
    Diner Dress Kosho

    • Wijd uitlopende jurk
    • Knoopsluiting
    • Reverskraag
    • Plooien in het bovenstuk
    • Naad in de taille
    • Jersey
    • Stretchstof
    • Bloemenprint

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  4. Bonnie Coat Brazza
    Bonnie Coat Brazza

    • Winterjas
    • Ronde kraag
    • Knoopsluiting
    • Lange mouwen
    • Gevoerd
    • Geweven jacquard
    • Ruitenprint

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