AW2019 Vintage Americana

“Americana” is the central theme of this year's winter collection. The city of Nashville known for its country music and of course Dolly Parton. Translated into clothing, this means: a pretty blouse, together with perfectly fitting jeans, ruffles and checked patterns. But also cool suits, which design is based on work clothes, many layers, embroideries and piping.


We like to play with classical concepts. Style icons from the past combined with the demands of today's clothing - that is the style of King Louie. This season the focus is on the theme Americana. Jeans, ruffles and piping, but with a contemporary touch. Do you like to wear checks? Then you will like the patterns Connery, Rodeo Check and Cowgirl Check! Don't worry, the patterns aren't just made for cowgirls, they're designed for everyday use. A real eye-catcher is also the pattern Plisoley, a plissé skirt with leopard pattern. The winter jackets Check In, Mississippi, Nila and Highlands are already classics. Would you prefer something more simple? Our Murphy jackets come in fir green and dark blue and have a checked lining.

Vintage Americana King LouieVintage Americana King Louie
Work it!

Workwear serves us as inspiration this year. The best example is the jeans which you can find in every wardrobe. In the 40s more and more women started to work and so they changed their style.

But it took until 1980 that jeans became established as everyday clothing. We are very happy about that, because you can combine a pair of jeans with everything. This year in our denim collection you can find a jumpsuit, trousers and skirts.

The romantic touch

We have gathered typical American ruffles in our print Dallas, a romantic flower pattern. Birdie is a contrasting pattern with cream birds on a green background. Bluebell, Fontana and Savannah are flower patterns. Soft wrap cardigans appear in fir green, dark blue, fiery red and a warm yellow. Due to the processing of mohair these cardigans are extremely cozy, that's why we called them “Fluffy”.

All these fabrics can be combined very well with denim or stripes. But flowers and checks also look great together. Even Perky, the leopard print made out of organic cotton, can be combined with all of these patterns.

King Louie Vintage Americana LooksKing Louie Vintage Americana Looks
Vintage Inspiration: Feedsack Prints

Our favorite inspiration for new fabrics are the American “Feedsack Prints". These patterns have an interesting background: at the beginning of the 19th century food was still packed in large quantities. Flour, grain and sugar were stored in tin cans, cartons and wooden boxes. This was not ideal, as the cans rusted quickly and the cartons and boxes often leaked. The transport was also heavy and unwieldy.

This changed in 1846 with the invention of the sewing machine. Now it was possible to produce strong fabric sacks with double seams. At first these fabrics were made of canvas, but at the end of the 19th century they were made of cotton, plain or printed. The quality of the fabrics varied depending on the product transported in the bag. Sugar, for example, was stored in delicate fabrics.

Practically thinking farmer’s wives quickly discovered that the Feedsack fabric could also be used for other purposes, such as clothes, nightdresses or dish towels. The manufacturers also took up this development and adapted the patterns on the sacks so they were better suited for further processing. It proved to be a good concept, because you could already sew a dress out of three bags.

Feedsack prints have been very popular for a long time. Some sacks were even printed with a sewing pattern, e. g. for an apron or a pillowcase cover. The patterns were very divers, from flowers to stripes, to Disney drawings. Till 1942, approximately 3 million American women and children wore clothing made out of these fabrics. After the Second World War the Feedsack Prints disappeared. Packaging was now made of cardboard or plastic.

We would love to see a comeback of the cheerful patterns. Fabric sacks that can be further processed are more sustainable than plastic that will be thrown away. Since Feedsacks won't come back anytime soon, we have designed our own King Louie Feedsack patterns: Fontana, Savannah and Americana are brand new designs, but could also be from back then.

King Louie Feedsack PrintsKing Louie Feedsack Prints
Vintage Inspiration: Knit Sweaters

Cozy knitwear is a must for the cold winter days. We mainly love vintage cardigans with their magnificent details, patterns and colors. Especially the Fair Isle pattern is a classic. Named after the island of Fair Isle, part of the Scottish Shetland Islands, which traditionally use a maximum of five colors. The result is a geometric pattern with stripes, checks or snowflakes. Our interpretation of it is called Sierra, which is available as a long cardigan and a sweater with buttons and has integrated roses.

In our King Louie archive we also have other knitted pieces. Did you know that every motive has its own origin? Icelandic knitting patterns are different from Scottish and Swiss: which often have large cable stitches of thick wool.

Winter coats

You can never have enough jackets: long or short, with or without a collar and of course a chic rain jacket. We love jackets! It's also a piece of clothing that you wear every day, so it can be something special.

We make sure that all our jackets look special by using a pretty lining. Each jacket has a lining with a unique King Louie pattern. The Check In jackets have classic checks on the outside, while the lining is red with small dots. And the warm Highlands jacket surprises with a lining with leopard pattern. The jacket Darby, on the other hand, has a fine houndstooth motif in blue tones and flowers on the inside.

Vintage Americana
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  1. Baseball Jacket Smoky
    Baseball Jacket Smoky

    • Baseball jack
    • Lange raglan mouwen
    • Ritssluiting
    • Gestreepte boorden
    • Steekzakken
    • Bloemenborduursel
    • Non-stretch
    • Woven jacquard
    • Gevoerd met stippenprint

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  2. Nala Blouse Cowgirl Check
    Nala Blouse Cowgirl Check

    • Blouse met Western details
    • Doorknoopsluiting
    • Licht gepofte mouwen
    • Licht getailleerd
    • Geweven
    • Non-stretch
    • Ruitendessin

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  3. Sheeva Dress Americana
    Sheeva Dress Americana
    • Overhemdjurk
    • Western details
    • Lange mouwen
    • Blousekraag
    • Manchetten met knopen
    • Strikceintuur
    • Licht gepofte mouwen
    • Geweven crêpe
    • Non-stretch
    • Bloemenprint
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  4. Garbo Braid Pants Denim
    Garbo Braid Pants Denim
    • Denim broek met gevlochten riempje
    • Midwaist
    • Rits en knoopsluiting
    • Paspelzakken aan de voorkant
    • Wijde pijpen tot op de enkel
    • Gevlochten riempje om de middel
    • Comfortabele denim met stretch
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