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The 9 Straatjes

Since the 1990s, King Louie has had her shop in the 9 Straatjes in Amsterdam. This part of Amsterdam's canal belt is one of the best shopping areas in the city. This is why you should go shopping here.

The 9 Straatjes is in our DNA. Formerly under the name 'Exota' but now as the 'King Louie Brand Store'. You can find us in Hartenstraat already for 30 years. Because of our love for vintage items and fashion, we fit in well here. These streets have many vintage shops, monumental buildings, great cafes and restaurants, and quirky boutiques. The 9 Straatjes is the ideal neighborhood to get to know Amsterdam in all its diversity and richness. Discover 5 tips for a fantastic day out.

Margareth M.

Lifestyle store Margareth M is run by sisters Germaine and Titi who named the store after their mother. Sister Germaine lives in Bali and supervises the production team. Sister Titi runs the shop in the 9 Straatjes. Together they ensure that everything is made fairly and sustainably. The sisters sell many self-designed leather accessories such as wallets, bags and laptop sleeves. But there are also many other beautiful interior items and clothing to be found, such as linen lampshades, letters made of old boat wood, poufs with print and authentic kimonos. We love products with a story behind them!


Laura Dols

Laura Dols is perhaps the most famous vintage shop in the 9 Straatjes. They are known for their large collection of evening and party wear for women and men, especially from the 50s. Think American glamor & glitter, prom and cocktail dresses from Hollywood. In addition to their collection of party wear, you can also find unique accessories, costumes for all ages and vintage wedding dresses. When you're there, take a look down in the basement, where you can easily view and try on all those fantastic dresses!

Koffiehuis de Hoeck

Koffiehuis de Hoeck is a small coffee place on the corner of Reestraat and Prinsengracht. Inside you will find a small café with a typical 1950s atmosphere: old-fashioned tea towels as tablecloths, a wall behind the cash register full of old bills and old photos and newspaper clippings everywhere. This coffee house is the perfect stop for a cup of coffee and a croissant during your shopping session. When the weather is nice you can sit outside on the terrace on the Prinsengracht.

It’s a present

Gift shop It's a present is a must if you are looking for an original, creative and crazy gift for someone else or yourself! In the store you will find an enormously diverse range and even items with a vintage touch. Think of an old-fashioned marble game or a large collection of greeting cards with vintage photos. There is something for everyone to find.

Flower Burger

Brand new in the 9 Straatjes is the vegan burger joint Flower Burger. Flower Burger is an Italian company and uses the best sustainably produced products from Italy. They use natural dyes to make vegan buns in all the colors of the rainbow (yellow, purple, blue - you name it!). When you step into the small restaurant you immediately imagine yourself in a 1970s 'flower power' interior full of large colored flowers, psychedelic motifs and wooden panelling. Of course we can appreciate such a vintage touch! For a nutritious vegan lunch or dinner with a cheerful seventies vibe, stop here for a delicious rainbow burger.


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