Through Restyle we give outfit suggestions so you can wear those ‘hidden gems’ from your closet again. By making other combinations with items from previous collections, you can create fresh new looks.

New looks

Have you detoxed and sorted out your wardrobe? There is a good chance that you have discovered gems that you will enjoy wearing again. But it can also happen that you find items that you still really like, but you don't know how to style them?

Be inspired by the looks we've put together for this season.

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Do you also have an item in the closet that you do not know how to wear or style? Take a picture of the item and send it to us via our Instagram account @kinglouiefashion and who knows, you might see your item back in our stories and on this page.

Look 1Look 1
The summer dress

Pair a summer dress with a warm cozy sweater to wear it during fall.
With a rollneck top and a blazer, a summer dress also becomes a good and chic outfit to wear to a meeting or to work. Stylish and comfortable and warm during cold(er) days.

look 2look 2
The blouse

The polkadot is a classic and this bow blouse from a few seasons ago is easy to mix and match. Use Print on print, to create a fun look. This blouse works well combined with a wrap dress in a more subtle dot print. It also ensures that the neck is less exposed in winter. In the second look, different materials and shades of blue are mixed and matched with each other in a stylish but at the same time very comfortable look.

look 3look 3
The border skirt

The border skirt is also a King Louie classic and can be found in different prints in every collection. This model from a few seasons ago can be combined very well with a sweater in a contrasting color. For the second combination we choose to combine print with print. We choose to combine the skirt with a print in the same color palette so it works well together.

look 4look 4
A striped shirt

A loose-fitting striped shirt is an item that you can use in many ways.
You can wear the blouse tucked in pants with a long cardigan over it.
You can also wear the blouse open over a dress. To give the outfit something extra, you can wear it with a belt in a contrasting color.

look 5look 5
A frilled skirt

This short frilled skirt with a starry print can also be worn during fall and winter. For example create a sporty look by matching it with a Raglan sweater. If you want a more dressed up look, you can opt for a delicate polka-dot blouse in combination with a soft yellow fluffy cardigan.

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