Shopping has become very easy nowadays. It's so easy we throw away clothes that can be easily repaired or altered. With Repair we hope to inspire you to give your clothes a second life.


Unfortunately, a garment can sometimes show defects after wearing it for a while. There is a hole in your sweater or a stain that you can't get out. It's also not uncommon that we buy clothes that don't fit properly or that we're not completely satisfied with. Think of that pair of jeans, which is actually a bit too long, or the buttons on that blouse that you actually didn't like so much. Often all of these items end up in a big pile (the let's-deal-with-this-later-pile) and are no longer worn. And after a while they're tossed out. While in many cases, it's so easy to repair or alter something! Quite a waste, right?

Lots of videos and blogs can be found online on how to repair or make alterations to your clothes. This way you can fall in love with your old clothes all over again. Good for the environment and good for your wallet.

 We've collected some videos for you to help and inspire you.

Not comfortable in doing this yourself? Take your clothes to a tailor.


Is there a hole in your sweater? This way you can easily repair it.


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Spilled coffee, oil, or some other substance on your favorite shirt? These handy tips will help you remove all sorts of stains from your clothes.


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Shrunken items

Accidentally washed your clothes too hot? Try to get your clothes back to its normal size like this.


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Be creative

Are you feeling creative, and do you love a customized piece of clothing? See how you can visibly repair and brighten up your clothes.


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We hope we inspired you to start working on the clothes that need a little tender loving care, and look for more ways on how to repair and alter your items.


Time to ReLove your clothes!

Sustainably caring for your clothes
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