At King Louie we believe in sustainability and a circular economy.

We think it is our responsibility to do our part and contribute towards a better and more sustainable future.

Even though we have a great passion for fashion and we love to create new, biannual collections, we also feel it’s extremely important to sometimes to press pause and ask ourselves the question ‘Do I really need this new dress?’


Therefore, we have created our new project: ReLove


With ReLove we want to encourage you to open your closet and fall back in love with your old dress as if it is brand new. To give some extra attention to your old pair of jeans and repair that missing button. To take out your last year’s winter coat and freshen it up so it can serve you another winter. We want to inspire you to find new combinations with your old clothing and make you fall in love with them again.

When was the last time you shopped secondhand or vintage? Or have you ever tried renting out a piece of clothing you only need for one occasion?


Find out more with ReLove by King Louie


Through Restyle we give outfit suggestions so you can wear those ‘hidden gems’ from your closet again. By making other combinations with items from previous collections, you can create fresh new looks.

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Sustainably caring for your clothes
  • Repair

    Shopping has become very easy nowadays. It's so easy we throw away clothes that can be easily repaired or altered. With Repair we hope to inspire you to give your clothes a second life. Read more >

  • Washing and caring
    Washing and caring

    Did you know? Washing takes up the biggest part of the CO2 emissions and energy consumption of your garment. So wash with care, and you’ll automatically help the environment. Read more >

  • Capsule Collection
    Capsule Collection

    Many people have a closet full and yet have nothing to wear. Imagine, you open your closet and only see your favorite pieces. Wonderful, isn't it? Read more >

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  • Vision & Goals
    Vision & Goals

    We want to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry. Read more on our philosophy, vison and goals in the field of sustainability. Read more >

  • Manufacturers

    King Louie only wants to work with manufacturers who guarantee good labor conditions for their employees. All our clothing is produced in Turkey and China. Read more >

  • Fair Wear Foundation
    Fair Wear Foundation

    Since 2015 we have been a member of Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). FWF helps us check the factories, map their findings and implement improvements. Read more >


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