How to shop sustainable

By being more conscious and deliberate with what you wear, you become more aware of what you really want.  That's great, because only buying what you need is the most sustainable. There are more things to look out for:

Who made your garment?

When it comes to sustainability, you quickly think of organic cotton, but working conditions are also very important. King Louie is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). This organization improves working conditions in the fashion industry. FWF is committed, among other things, to banning child labor, earning a fair wage and a safe and healthy working environment.

Every year FWF performs independent audits. They check the current working conditions and provide suggestions for improvements. 89% of our manufacturers have now been audited. You can read the FWF reports about King Louie here. The majority of our collection is made in Turkey. The owner of the factory, Mrs. Nur Ger, is strongly committed to equal women's rights. We have been working with her for over 20 years and we visit all our suppliers every season.


What is it made of?

More and more beautiful sustainable fabrics are coming on the market. Every season we look which materials we can use. Currently, 15% of our collection consists of sustainable fabrics. This number increases every season:

- Organic cotton - the organic cotton that we use is GOTS certified. This quality mark is one of the most reliable for environmentally friendly materials. GOTS sets many environmental requirements, but also has guidelines for working conditions.

- Tencel - made from eucalyptus wood. Tencel is a comfortable fabric: it is super soft, absorbs 150% more moisture than cotton, it is cool as linen in the summer and warm as wool in the winter. The eucalyptus wood is processed with non-chemical substances. This process is safe with a closed loop: it does not end up in nature and is not-toxic to the skin. The chemicals are used over and over to make new Tencel.

- Recycled polyester - in 2016 we used recycled polyester made from old PET bottles for the first time. This material is very strong and will last a long time.

- Ecovero - a sustainable alternative to viscose. This is made from local trees, so CO2 emissions are lower. The wood is also FSC certified, which means the forests are taken care of properly and enough trees are replanted. The chemicals are reused, and uses half the water and energy which is required for traditional viscose.

Invest in items that you really like

The one dress that has been stuck in your head for weeks? Buy it, even if the price is just above your budget. Quality over quantity. Garments that you consciously buy are often the best purchases. Every time you wear them you will be happy. It also works the other way around: seen something nice? Think about it for a moment. Still in love after 24 hours? Then it is probably a good buy.

Check the price per wear

Yes, a winter coat of 150 euros is an investment. But if you wear it every day for three consecutive winters, and you divide the price by the amount of days you wore the coat, it’s relatively cheap. But when you buy an occasion dress for 40 euro and only wear it once, it’s 40 euros per wear. That is quite expensive right?

Clever combinations

Only buy items you can make at least 5 new combinations with. If that new dress also requires new shoes, jewelry and a jacket, consider whether the item fits your style.

Be careful with sale

That may sound strange. Because a beautiful dress for half the price, does it get any better? But remember: are you driven by the price or do you think the garment is really fantastic? A cardigan for 25 euros that you never wear is a waste of money, even if it was a bargain.


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