Sometimes less is more

Your own capsule collection in 6 steps

Many people have a closet full and yet have nothing to wear. Imagine, you open your closet and only see your favorite pieces. Wonderful, isn't it?

Step 1: Raid your closet 

Usually a lot of cleansing has to be done first. Is tidying something you find difficult? Try to think of the goal you want to achieve. For example a style that fits the new phase in your life. Or maybe you just want to own less. Vividly imagine your end goal, hang a picture or quote in your wardrobe if necessary.

Next, gather all your clothes. Yes, everything. Also empty your laundry basket and those boxes in the attic. Don't be scared of the pile, everything will be fine. Clean your closet and you are ready to start.

Step 2: Start with your favorite pieces

Online you can read tips about essential items like jeans, a white blouse or a black blazer for example. But maybe you don't like denim, so pick your own essentials.

Start with your favorites: your favorite dress and that beautiful cardigan. Put the garments that make you happy back in the closet. That already looks nice right?

Step 3: Your daily life

Now add the more practical items. These are usually not the most special items but are the ones you wear often. Do you put on sweatpants every night? Or do you live in that oversized cardigan? Add those items to your wardrobe. Do you cycle to work every day? Then a rain suit is indispensable.

Which, by the way, does not mean that you cannot go to work in your party dress. Please do, because it would be a shame to only wear a garment once a year, right? Go for it. And if you really live in your sweatpants every night, then get yourself a really nice pair. It’s an investment if it’s something you wear daily.

Step 4: Suitable for all seasons

Go through the seasons in your mind. What do you prefer to wear when it's cold? Or during the dog days of summer? Add these garments too.

Step 5: Done?

If we’re playing by the rules, a capsule collection consists of approximately 30 to 40 garments. But if you need more or less, that's fine too. If you placed more than 100 garments in your closet: ask yourself if you’re really ready to minimize. You can also choose to temporarily store a part in boxes. This way you will be shopping from your own stock in a few months and you’ll still have a tidy closet.

Step 6: Tidying up

Great, the selection is done, the rest can go. Never just throw clothes in the trash, but try to give them a second life when possible:

- Pass on nice items that you no longer wear yourself to a friend or sell it. Did you know that you can sell King Louie garments second-hand at a great price online?
- You can also donate your clothes to a charity. For example the local thrift store or in a collection bin. You can see which goal you are supporting on the container. King Louie donates to Wings of Support, a private initiative from KLM. The flying staff helps children in third world countries to find shelter and education.
- You can also dispose things that are broken or worn out in a closed garbage bag in a collection bin. This way it will be recycled.

Combine clothes

Would you like to get more out of your closet? Try making new combinations with the items that you already have. That may well be a mix of prints. We like stripes on flowers. The contrast makes it more exciting. These are some of our favorite combination tips:

Combine it yourself

Take a few hours off, preferably during the day because of the light. Put on a garment and make at least 5 different combinations with it. Nobody sees you, so also try putting items together that you would not normally try. A winter sweater over that party dress or a turtleneck under your summer dress. Take a photo of the sets you found successful with your phone and save them in a folder. Now you have instant outfit inspiration when you don't know what to wear.

Ask for help

You can also do the above described steps with a friend, call it a dress up party! Everyone is prejudiced about their own clothes or clothing style, but a friend can have a new perspective: maybe he or she has some great ideas about how to style your items!

It is also worthwhile to invest in professional advice, such as color advice. Such an analysis teaches you which colors suit you best. You can combine all colors within a color type, so your wardrobe becomes more versatile. A good color analysis costs around 150 euros, but the future will be without bad buys.


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