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Clothes that make women happy - it’s as simple as that. The key ingredients in every one of our collections: a good fit and unique prints we design ourselves. What started in the early 80s with finding vintage gear in Amsterdam became an internationally successful brand that’s synonymous with freedom, optimism and individuality.

Get a glimpse of King Louie’s story: yesterday, today and tomorrow. How did it all start, what do we stand for and where do we want to go?



King Louie was founded by high school buddies George Cramer and Ann Berlips. Their business started by selling vintage items on the Noordermarkt and later in their own shop ‘Exota’ in Amsterdam. In 1984 they started producing their own clothes under the name ‘King Louie’. They came across the name on an old vintage bowling shirt. The name sounded vintage and playful, and was still available: a new brand was born.


What King Louie stands for


Dare to be bold. Dare to be you.

Making women happy around the world with unique vintage inspired collections. This has been our goal from the start, and is still what we aim for every day. 

Optimism is key!

Other important values are individuality, freedom, independance, trust and sustainability. We don’t follow the mainstream and want to inspire women to stay true to themselves.


Every new collection does not start with trends and color cards, but with prints. And these prints are always inspired by vintage prints and patterns.

Our design team goes vintage shopping every year, adding new inspirational items to our in house vintage archive. We translate vintage into the fashion of today.

" We always implement trends our own way: we have a realistic view of women and what most women wear." - Gaël Brutin, Head of Product & Design


We believe it’s important for King Louie’s items to be as environmentally sustainable and socially responsible as possible, and we expect the parties we work with to place equal importance on this.

We want to produce timeless items that last a long time. Qualitative products on which a lot of time is spent designing a good fit and finding the right fabric quality. This results in clothing that can be worn with pleasure for many years.

Our dream is a fully circular business model.



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